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Our Farm3

Nearly 150 Years of Family Farming                                                                       

Located in rural Lake County, about 45 minutes from Orlando, our land was homesteaded in 1874, when John King brought his young family on a journey  from Buffalo NY.  They travelled by Steamship from Savannah, Georgia and from there by horseback to the land that would become their farm in Eustis.  John King built a house between two lakes and  planted one of the first orange groves in Florida; naming the farm King Grove. 

Today, Hugh Kent and his wife Lisa are the stewards of King Grove Organic Farm.  The farm is also their home. The farm’s 150 acres are surrounded by lakes and conservation land. Along with  organic blueberry fields and a small orange grove, the farm includes pine plantations, wildflower plantings, old growth woods and protected wetlands.     

Deep Roots in Organic Soil                                                                                     

Organic is our way of life. We believe our organic growing methods are better for the planet, better for our bodies, and produce the best tasting blueberries you’ll find anywhere. King Grove is a proud supporter of the Real Organic Project, promoting farming transparency and the core values and benefits of soil-grown produce.  

All organic practices are not the same. King Grove uses non-chemical weed control equipment and there’s no plastic used on the farm at all. Plants need nutrients to survive, and a healthy soil biome to thrive. Maintaining our soil health takes one part science, one part art, and one part love. 


Sure, we could sell more blueberries if we grew in plastic buckets instead of rich soil, used harsh chemicals, and chose blueberry plant varieties that have been developed to produce high-volume fruit that can be harvested before its time. But we couldn’t live on that land, or put the King Grove name on that type of fruit.

Our blueberry varieties have been carefully chosen for their delicious flavor, and we pick daily at the perfect ripeness. You get the freshest, best tasting blueberries and they will last for weeks in your refrigerator (but you’ll eat them long before that).

The Freshest Berries

We process our berries differently than other farms which can take hours to get the berries from the field into refrigeration.  And if they’re left in a field for a few hours in Mexico or Peru, and then sit on a boat for a week or more, it’s no wonder they don’t have much flavor and only last a few days.

Instead, we do it just like you would— pick them fresh, and as soon as you get home, put them in your refrigerator. We pick, sort, and pack the berries quickly and then immediately cool them to 34 within minutes after they are picked—right here  on our farm.  This means the flavor and nutritional content are still at their peak when they get to you!