8 Billion Microbes

As a Real Organic Farm we work with countless natural helpers to produce our delicious, nutritious blueberries.

Above the ground, our thousands of pollinators are the most visible workers (honeybees, bumblebees, Florida blueberry bees, butterflies and wasps). We take great care to ensure all of our pollinators are healthy and safe from toxic chemicals.

Below the ground, we also care for the billions of microscopic soil organisms that help feed our plants. Did you know that there are more than 8 billion microbes in a single spoonful of healthy soil? That's more microbes than there are human beings on the planet!

Our primary job as Real Organic farmers is to feed the soil and microbes, which feed the plants, which feed us. And when done well, this system produces the most nutritious, most delicious blueberries you can find anywhere.

Fresh air, sunshine, clean water and healthy soil; producing blueberries the way Nature intended!

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