How We Grow & Ship

Available March - April - May

Our premium Real Organic blueberries are in short supply—the only way to get them is by ordering them online as they are picked, so that we can reserve a box for you.

Our blueberries are packed in a five-pound box. Because they are so fresh when you get them, they will last for weeks in your refrigerator, but our customers tell us they’re gone long before that!

Soil-Grown Certified Real Organic Blueberries

We believe healthy soil is the basis for all truly organic agriculture. Unlike most other USDA “organic” blueberries available in the Spring, ours are not grown in plastic pots or hydroponically. We believe our real organic growing methods are better for the planet, better for our bodies, and produce the best tasting blueberries you’ll find anywhere. King Grove is a proud member of the Real Organic Project, promoting farming transparency and the core values and benefits of soil-grown organic produce.  

Flavor Obsessed

King Grove’s soil-grown blueberry varieties have been carefully chosen for their delicious flavor, and are picked daily at the perfect ripeness (then packed with care and immediately cooled to 34F). These blueberries will stay fresh and delicious in your refrigerator for several weeks!

The Freshest Berries

We process our blueberries differently than other farms, which can take hours to get their berries from the field into refrigeration. Instead, we do it just like you would— pick the blueberries when perfectly ripe, and as soon as you get home, put them in your refrigerator. We pick, sort, and pack our berries quickly and then immediately cool them to 34℉ within minutes after they are picked—right here  on our farm.  This means the flavor and nutritional value are still at their peak when they get to you!

Shipped with Care

We carefully pack your blueberries in the most sustainable materials we can find in a protective carton with a cold pack, so they’ll arrive in perfect condition.

Satisfaction guaranteed!

What People Are Saying About Our Real Organic Blueberries...

"Love, love, love these blueberries!"

Sonja W.

"AND THEY ARE AMAZING! We almost finished the whole box off in two days."

Jo G.

"Hands down best we have ever eaten."

Carol M.

"I have already ordered 4 boxes! I don’t ever want these blueberries to end!"

Jen S.

"I am speechless. Your blueberries are one of the most delicious foods I have ever eaten in my life."

Max G.


We pick and pack our berries quickly and then immediately cool them to 34F within minutes - right here on our farm. We guarantee that if there is ever a quality issue with your order, we will make it right.